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  5 Revenue  Strategies for YouTube Beginners  

Generate revenue as a small channel so that as your audience grows, your income flows!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could monetize your YouTube channel... without waiting for YouTube's approval to earn ad revenue?

It’s frustrating to spend hours creating videos and have little to show for it... In this guide, I will share what I believe are the 5 easiest YouTube revenue strategies that you can start implementing now so that as your audience grows, your income flows.

This guide is the right for you if:

You haven’t monetized your channel (yet)

You’re waiting to reach 1,000 subscribers so you can have ads on your channel

You have income streams in place but they’re not making money

You’re ready to get some ROI out of the content you create

You learn best from real-world examples

You feel burned out from content creation because you’re not getting paid for it

This guide is full of REAL WORLD EXAMPLES like one client making $6000/month as a content creator (even while holding a full-time job!)

In this guide, you’ll learn how I 10x’ed one income stream, how Darren incorporates multiple revenue streams to his YouTube channel, and how Belle made $40,000 from ad revenue alone.

Get the exact fast-track strategy for monetization (even if you have less than 1,000 subscribers)

What you get in this guide:

What to watch out for to avoid costly mistakes

Best Video Topics for Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

Use the fill-in-the-blank video ideas to increase your revenue per video

How to Respond to "Free Product" Offers from Brands

Hi, I'm Meredith!

My name is Meredith Marsh, and I am the creator of the Video Pursuit Society, and–believe it or not... I'm a total introvert who used to be scared of the camera and struggled to balance a full-time job, a family, and my creative endeavors and ideas.
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  • What if I don't have a YouTube channel yet?
    It's not hard to set your channel up (there are tons of free guides showing you how) but if you're truly new to creating video content on YouTube, check out my other guide on the Fast Way to 1k YouTube Subscribers before diving into this one.
  • I have more than 1000 YouTube subscribers. Will this guide work for me?

It's Not Just You...

Since the day I started my blog and YouTube channel back in 2014, I noticed something… disturbing. It seems like there is a clear line between some creators who are able to build a profitable online business through content creation, while most put TONS of time and energy into creating videos that never lead to revenue at all.

The one thing I want you to take away from this guide is that multiple streams of revenue driven by a powerful YouTube strategy is the fastest way to start and grow a profitable online business.

SOMEone is searching for the topics you want to create videos about, the topics you’re passionate about, the stuff that you want to be known for and they’re earning income from it… right now. 

The real question is… why not you

Now if you're still reading this, you might be thinking, “GREAT!! I can see how powerful YouTube can be for growing my online business but how do I start generating this revenue with YouTube? Like what is the actual plan?

That's what I reach inside the 5 Revenue Strategies for YouTube Beginners Guide! 

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